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This portfolio showcases the digital version of Aniekeme's creativity through out her college career. It consists of moodboards, rough sketches, line sheets, design flats, technical flats as well as spec sheets for some of her designs. Included are also some mini projects that show her knowledge in sweater design as well as contemporary graphic tee design.

For a copy of Aniekeme's most recent post-grad design portfolio, please contact

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My Work: Files

Senior Collection

Researching colour theory led to the discovery of different colour combinations that are pleasing to the 
eyes because of the harmony that naturally occurs when they are placed side by side. The techniques that 
caught my attention are analogous colours, complementary colours, discordant colours, and split complementary
    Analogous colours are three different colours that are right next to each other on the colour wheel with 
similar warmth or coolness. They are pleasing to the eyes because of the harmony of their warmth/coolness.
Complementary colours are colours that are directly opposite each other on the colour wheel, they work well
because they bring out each other’s saturation and creates balance to the eyes. Discordant colours are colours that
conflict each other like blue and orange. The colours disagreeing with each other creates a combination that can be
perceived as hideous but you just can’t take your eyes off of. Split complementary is one colour combined with two 
colours adjacent to its complementary colour.
    Ankara is traditional waxprint fabric commonly used across cultures in Nigeria. Growing up, most of my fancy
clothes were tailor-made with Ankara for special occasions. I want to infuse that fanciness into my collection with 
contemporary designs using colourways that express different techniques from colour theory. 
    My interpretation of my research to my designs incorporates three pairs of complementary colours as well as 
monochromatic colour schemes. I have chosen fabrics with similar colour palettes but different motifs to pattern 
block my pieces. I have also chosen solid knits to combine with my patterned woven fabric to balance out my 
designs. I chose silhouettes that will let the pieces be combined with each other freely while still being suitable for 
spring/summer weather, especially in the Nigerian climate. 

My Work: Text
My Work: Gallery


My Work: Text
My Work: Pro Gallery

Fashion Illustrations

Outfit boards and line sheets showcasing my designs which are influenced by my cultural heritage

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My Work: Pro Gallery

Design Flats

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My Work: Pro Gallery
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